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Joey James Hernandez is quickly becoming to go-to-guy for band merch and t-shirt designs. His highly detailed drawings and unique style has taken his home town of Brooklyn, New York, by storm. Adam De Ville caught up with Joey to discuss his approach to creating art and some his most celebrated collaborations. 

How did you get into art originally?

My brother's stacks of comic books, rock/metal shirts, and albums covers combined with my Mother and Aunt's knack for painting.
I drew mostly characters during my teens. In my early 20's I became discouraged and was considering advertisement and web design. but in my mid 20's I had more time to expand themes and devote more time and resources. I was always in a rush to finish artwork in a hour, or in one shot. I had to learn to be patient, to let one piece take one step at a time. It's not to be rushed, It's not McDonald's.

What is your process when you create?

Technically it would be to familiarize myself with what / who I'm drawing first. To get a feel for the music of the band I'm drawing for. Description is one thing, but listening to them is a whole other sense. Rarely do I ever draw in silence. Music during drawing is not a dependancy, but definetly an enhancement. Emotionally, if im excited or depressed, I'll definetly draw something out. If I'm angry I can't do that at all - I'd break every pencil. I'd rather punch holes in walls.

You've done a lot of work for Type O Negative, how did your collaboration with the band come about?

Originally it was as a fan posting artwork up on their message board for fun around 2007, It caught Josh Silver's (Type O Negative's keyboardist) attention. It was conceptual and parody based artwork, which soon led to doing a few tour shirt designs. I'm extremely grateful that I had the opportunity before it was too late. (Peter Steele's death would bring about the end for Type O Negative in April 2010) there will never be another band like them.

What are you working on at the moment?

Pieces for Butcher Babies, Otep, Mongrel, Biohazard, Killcode and more.
If i had the talent and capacity, I'd draw with both hands and feet and quit my night job.

What albums are you listening to these days?

KMFDM, Volbeat, Avenged Sevenfold, Otep, Sevendust for now. Something about the seasons make you want to hear certain music/bands.

Do you have a favourite artwork by another artist?

I wish i had more time to familiarize myself with other artists. I try to explore as much as i can. We (artists) don't have the attention that a live rock band has. No crowd will cheer for every stroke you give the canvas. No crowd will mosh when you start coloring it in. My favorite artist is Simon Bisley. My brother and I grew up reading LOBO comics. His style is dirty, raw, brutal and beautiful.

To keep up to date with Joey's art and limited edition shirts, be sure to follow him on Facebook HERE.

A large full page of one of Joey's artworks will be available exclusively in

Collide Art & Culture Magazine Issue 1 in June 2014.

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