Dark Mofo Drops 2021 Program, Headed by Thurston Moore

Following the cancellation of its 2020 event due to COVID-19, Dark Mofo makes its return in 2021 - promising another eccentric lineup of the bold and bizarre. The festival's 2021 program will be headed by founder of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore. The post-punk legend will perform with long-time collaborator Wobbly and New Zealand band The Dead.

Other big names included in the program include Om (exclusive), Circuit Des Yeux (exclusive), The Dead C (exclusive), Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire), Terminal Guitar ft. Marco Fusinato, Bruce Russell (The Dead C) and Mystic Eyes (Lisa MacKinney), Lucas Abela, Shoeb Ahmad, and many more.

Australian talent is also well represented this year, with the program featuring Alex Albrecht, Confidence Man, A. Swayze & The Ghosts, King Stingray, Slag Queens and Grace Cummings.

The lineup announcement comes after Dark Mofo was heavily criticised in March for commissioning a confronting art project that asked for First Nations people to offer their blood. The project has since been retracted with the festival issuing a formal apology.

As usual, Dark Mofo will continue to push artistic boundaries this year, with plenty of free events on offer - including a spectacular public ritual where the ashes of deceased Tasmanians will be launched in fireworks to explode over the Derwent River.

There will also be a major public exhibition about convict artist Thomas Wainewright, and the Cathedral venue will be occupied by Pope Alice, the performance art persona of Luke Roberts who has been manifesting the figure for decades.

The festivities will kick off on June 16, with the opening night including a Home State Reclamation Walk featuring a growing list of local Indigenous artists and leaders. Participants will “follow fire and smoke [on] a street through our town retaken by vegetation”.

The full festival program is available here.

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