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New Track: Swans, "A Little God In My Hands"      

By Sarah C. Martin on April 13, 2014.       
American experimental powerhouse Swans are going to have a tough job topping their masterful 2012 release The Seer, but if the first track release from the band’s forthcoming thirteenth studio album is any indication of what’s to come – it appears Swans have embraced the challenge wholeheartedly.

Interview: Touring With the Antichrist

By Adam De Ville on March 29, 2014.       
What would it be like to tour with one of the biggest and most controversial rock acts in history during the highest points of their career? Adam De Ville spoke to Zepp Savini, former personal assistant to Marilyn Manson, to find out.

Interview: Savage Pleasures

By Andrew McDonald on March 17, 2014.       
For all their popularity, post-punk revivalists Savages are decidedly anomalous in the current musical landscape. With so many modern popular bands resting on irony as a crutch, their serious and no-nonsense approach to music and art exists as a powerful counterpoint. Collide spoke with guitarist Gemma Thompson about the band's unique ethos.

Interview: A Life Unscripted

By Adam De Ville on March 12, 2014.       
Alice Genese has been the bass player for the latest incarnation of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s iconic experimental art and music project Psychic TV (PTV3) for the last 10 years. After two Psychic TV albums and several world tours with the band, Alice is set to release an EP of her solo material through Angry Love Records. We caught up with Alice to chat about her most emotional work yet.

Interview: Spooky Tricks with The Mann

By Adam De Ville on March 3, 2014.      

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult began as a film idea between Frankie Nardiello and Marsten Daley that never fully came to fruition. The two met while touring with Ministry, and in 1987, formed a creative partnership that produced something better than any movie they could have dreamed up. Prior to the release of the band's new album, Spooky Tricks, we chatted to larger-than-life character, Groovie Mann.

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