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What's On: Young Henrys Small World Festival 2015, September 19 @ Sydney Park

If there’s a festival you can’t afford to miss this season, we reckon it’s Young Henrys Small World Festival. The team have pulled out all the stops this year - they’ll be serving up a hefty-ass slice of the Inner West’s best at the all new, picturesque location of Sydney Park.

The great Australian music festival is rising from the ashes and for the same price as a Homebake ticket in 2002, you can lose your shit to legendary rock outfit The Church, get properly head mental with DZ Deathrays, bathe in the sonic waves of PVT, or just sit back as Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders make you feel all funny inside.

But it's not all about the music; food is no mere afterthought at Small World. There'll be an abundance of options on offer throughout the day, with dishes from Inner West favourites Mary’s, Bloodwood, Porteno, Cornersmith and Black Betty BBQ up for grabs.

And, as always, the gang from Young Henrys will be on hand to do what they do best - nudge us gently into a softer, warmer place with their delicious beer, cider and spirits (including their signature gin which debuted at last year’s Small World).

Young Henrys Small World Festival is happening on Saturday, September 19 at Sydney Park, off Euston Road, Alexandria. Tickets are $69+ BF and can be purchased via the Small World website.

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