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Dark Mofo Drops First Glimpse at 2017 Lineup

Dark Mofo, Mona’s ground-breaking winter festival in Tasmania, has just announced the first act of this year’s highly anticipated line-up: Norwegian Iconoclasts Ulver will take to the stage of Hobart’s Odeon Theatre on Thursday, 15 June, in an exclusive performance for the festival. Ulver’s early works established their influence as pioneers of Norwegian black metal, and their stylistic unpredictability has since seen them achieve sales of more than half a million records.

The bands' unruly play with myth, history and pop culture has never been more manifest than it is today, as they again prepare to shapeshift with the April release of their new album The Assassination of Julius Caesar.

Speaking of Ulver's involvement in this year's festival, vocalist Kristoffer Rygg said: “Dark Mofo is one strange beast of a festival, and they have really pulled out all the big guns to make it possible to drag a pack of Vikings quite literally to the other side of the world in June. We have heard exceptional tales about this midwinter celebration. Considering the overall aesthetic of the festival and the type of art and acts it has featured before, this will be a trip extraordinaire and no doubt a once in a lifetime experience for Ulver.” Ulver @ Odeon Theatre, Hobart, Thursday 15 June 2017 Register for pre-sale tickets, on sale Monday 10 April 2017 AEST from

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