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First Act Announced For 2018 Dark Mofo Lineup

MONA's Dark Mofo has announced the first artist for its 2018 iteration, and it's a dang good 'un. Legendary acid kings, Electric Wizard (UK), will be playing Hobart's Odeon Theatre in Hobart on Thursday 21 June in an Australian exclusive.

The heavy metal innovators of downturned, grinding, esoteric doom have consistently redefined the preconceived thresholds of detuned guitar chords for the past quarter of a century - with their ‘devolved’ sound maturing from low-fi fuzzy doom, to a raw yet refined blues stomp. If sacrilege, occult themes, low-end riffs, H.P. Lovecraft and Satanic rituals on a triple dose of LSD are your thing, Electric Wizard is the band for you. Sicko.

All pumped for Goth Christmas on Devil Island? Good. Go register for pre-sale tickets here.

Dark Mofo 2018 runs from June 15th to June 24th.

Stay tuned for the full program which will be announced here at 9PM on Friday 6th April

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