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Sydney Deathrockers 'Howl' Sign to Poland's Batcave Productions

Emerging out of Sydney in 2012, Howl briefly ignited the local scene with their unique take on Deathrock and Post-Punk themes. Sticking around just long enough to record their acclaimed Rat Helmet EP, the band burned brightly before disbanding to work on other projects.

Flash forward four years and Howl's members have re-emerged from their exceptionally stinky crypts to surprise fans with news of their signing to Polish label Batcave Productions, who will be re-releasing Rat Helmet on June 30, 2018.

The new release will feature the EP's original four tracks, plus four brand-new bonus tracks and a cursed monkey paw (maybe). This spiky collision of Only Theatre of Pain and Morbid Tales is limited to 100 copies and comes with a free download code.

Support your local music weirdies by pre-ordering your copy here.

Check out Howl on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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