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Enryka Premieres Debut Track ' The Body'

Solo goth and ethereal doom artist Enryka has released her debut single ‘The Body’. A hymn for the wicked, the song deals with the body as a site for both resistance and frailty, heaven and hell. With gravely layers of synthesiser punctured with percussive rumbles and haunted sampling. The song turns from brooding to glistening as her operatic vocals finish in an ecstatic three-part harmony. Inspired by the sounds of Lingua Ignota, Chelsea Wolfe, Anna Von Hausswolff and Diamanda Galas, Enryka comes from a background of Opera, Balkan Chanting and Gothic Folk. She resides on unceded Gadigal land, Sydney. Listen to 'The Body' below:

Find Enryka's socials here:

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