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Enryka releases new video for 'The Body'

Enryka has just released the music video for her debut single ‘The Body’. A noir dance of possession, flame and catharsis. The images flash from dark and grainy to over exposed as if the devilish creature writhing on the screen is being hounded, found and caught. The second figure, a seductive prometheus, yields the primordial flame which sends the daemon body into further states of exorcism. Enryka believes it is a symptom of the modern era to find panic and terror in depictions of unapologetic sexuality and human animality. She seeks to lift the veil of what lies underneath, to draw out what is stopped-up and caught in the body. The video was made on unceded Gadigal land by Enryka and Garden Reflexxx. Stream The Body: Follow Enryka:

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