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King Woman Announces Australian Tour

Wavyland proudly presents King Woman, their apocalyptic live show making its debut on Australian and New Zealand shores this winter. Beginning as just another alias of Kristine Esfandiari, King Woman is now a four-piece band suffering together through post-religion at the intersection of shoegaze, doom metal and drone. Grappling against the trauma of the institutional church, 2021’s Celestial Blues is a moment of release… falling occasionally into intense chaos.

Kristine Esfandiari’s multi-hyphenate approach to music, performing under the monikers Dalmatian, Sugar High, NGHTCRWLR and Miserable, lends credence to King Woman’s multihyphenate sound. Their music a deliberate balance of tension and release, its vicious merging of genre creates a palpable vision of the religious nightmare. Quiet moments of introspection are dismantled with doom sentiments, Esfandiari’s whispers growing in intensity and crescendo. Her lyrics are deeply personal, King Woman acting as a form of catharsis, a tale of rebellion, tragedy and triumph. If 2017’s Created in the Image of Suffering was the apocalypse, Celestial Blues is finding out what’s beyond it. The rapture has come: time to see what’s remained.

Catharsis is at the core of King Woman’s live experience, a moment of introspection and clarity amidst the noise of trauma and suffering. A musical journey, quietness and loudness have equal roles to play, each moment bouncing off one other to create a truly intense experience that demands visceral attention. Every breath sounding like Esfandiari’s last, King Woman dances with the devil this winter – don’t miss out. June 12 SYDNEY (VIVID) June 14 BRISBANE June 15 MELBOURNE June 17 HOBART (DARK MOFO) June 19 AUCKLAND


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